The factors that make Caribbean Stud viable and popular are the same as those for video poker as they are rooted in the fact that there are many average people who are at least familiar with a simple five card game in poker. You remember; in fact, you probably played it at your kitchen table when you were younger. This game works the same way; well almost.

Caribbean Stud is a game that you don’t play against others at a table like you do in a “conventional” poker game. In this game you are playing strictly against the house. You place an Ante bet casino online malaysia and then you have a chance to make a progressive bet as well. So you get your five cards. What you’re looking for, of course, is one of the high-ranking hands, like a flush, full house, four of a kind, straight flush, or royal flush. And if you get one of them, you will get an additional payout on your progressive bet.

There is a certain similarity to blackjack when this phase unfolds, because the house will deal a hand of five cards and allow you to see only one of those cards. Then it is time to evaluate your hand, relative to the house hand, based on only seeing that single card (the “face” card, if you like). Yes, it is difficult, but if you decide not to fold the hand and play, you will have to place an additional bet in front of you that is equal to your Ante bet.

Since the rules dictate that the house must have a hand with a “ranking” of at least one ace and one king (obviously any pair gives it a higher ranking), they must fold, which will give you a win winbet2u only on your original. (Ante) bet. The additional bet is returned to you. If the house qualifies with its hand, then it is played, and if you have a better hand than the house, you win your Ante bet, and then you get paid on the side bet on a scale that corresponds to what type of hand you had. For example, if all you have is a pair, you get even money; two pairs bring 2 to 1, all the way to a royal flush, for which you will get 100 to 1.

Caribbean Stud produces a good time and is a great change of pace. Try it!

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